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Hi, guys.welcome back to my blog.Today i going to talk about the secret of fashion in our daily life.

First. Jeans.

such as these, actually these is easy to collocation. On more heels.That’s almost perfect, when you don’t know wear what when you want to go outside . It is easy to deal with it .

Second, sometimes you want to be more especially, you ‘d better in one more jewelry´╝îsuch as like that

So of you want to be like this . Maybe it just my opinion.

Now i really get ready to do this.

Hi, guys, now i really want to do something, That means i want to buy some clothes. Before i want to be the fashion person.My style always is cool style .And now i want to change it .Maybe now i just a student.But in my another time , i can dress up like a real girl ,like the fashion bloggers. Though i have no many money now .But i still want to do this. Maybe that isn’t my job or my major.but i just like it.Now i plan just by the mostly look fashion.So, i will try.

What is Fashion mean is?

Hi, guys.I’m Max. Today i want to ask the fashion bloggers a question.what is fashion mean to you and how did you make yourself become more and more fashion . Well…I ‘m just know one thing: that is you had your own fashion style.Is it And i just thinking : why not i become a fashion person .I mean: i just 17 years old .I’m 17 years old .I can be .I 1.63 cm.I mean i not short.i can wear whatever i wna to wear.So i decide to use my vacation t do some patr-time jobs to earn money so that i can buy the dress ,shoes, bags,etc. In China ,may be has a part people dress pretty like me .But i now i have a plan .That is i will dress like the fashion bloggers. In my heart always have this thought: i dress so pretty what . Now i understand : it doesn’t mean something .it just my favourite,my hobby .

what’s feel when i do my favourite thing.

Hi , guys, my name is Max .I’m from China.I’m studying in a foreigner languege school. I’m 17 years old .And my dream is be a fashion bolgger. I kewn that’s will be very hard. In fact ,tomorrow morning i suddenly have this idea, why i had to study English for my future job.I just need to study English well and use it on my dream project.I love fashion,i love model ,i love draw and i also love travel. So i can look on this gold and work hard for it . When i do my favourite things , i will 100% fouce on it .And on my familys opinions,they think : if you don’t study in high school ,you wiil not find a good job in the future .but i think that’s just crazy talk .I relly love English .Nowaday many country needs English help.So i think my choice is right .




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